Healthy habits I have learned/ implemented over the years

1/ Essential oil

Try using essential oils instead of perfume or other chemical fragrances. For example I put a few drops of essential oil (I like to use lavender) on ceder wood cubes to put in my closet with my clothing. I also like to use a few drops of essential oil behind me ears instead of using a perfume.

2/ Coconut oil

I love to use coconut oil for a lot of different purposes. For example as a make up remover and to moisturize my body after showering.

Use it as a moisturizer at night and your skin will feel so soft in the morning!

A conventional make up remover is often full of chemicals and it is not for me anymore. I like to use coconut oil instead and it works just as well! Tip: Put some water on a reusable facial round with a little bit of coconut oil, use this to remove your mascara, lipstick etc.. Here is a link to the reusable facial rounds I like to use.

3/ Make your bed every morning & open your windows

Make a habit out of it! It gives you a great feeling when you enter your bedroom and your bed is made. It also helps to keep your sheets fresh. DIY recipe: make your own pillow spray to spray a nice natural scent on your pillow and sheets.

  • Fill a spray bottle with water
  • Add a few drops of lavender essential oil
  • Add a few drops of citrus essential oil

Super simple to make and gives your room a nice fresh scent!

This blogpost is a little different of what I normally write about, but these are things that really interest me and maybe they can help/ inspire you to!

Hope you like it!

Camy Camy